The Perfect Holiday Present For Everyone On Your List

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If you look at the lists for this year’s “best toys,” you’ll notice that there is an almost equal interest in traditional creative building toys and electronic toys. Laser Pegs combine components that encourage creativity in 3D construction and an electronically lighted component that enhances anything your child dreams up.

Fun Physics and Lively Logic for Kids

What do kids learn when they build with any kind of blocks?

  • How to create a balanced structure
  • The importance of a strong foundation
  • Interesting building techniques that go into making impossible-looking structures possible
  • Breaking a larger project into logical steps to completion

Laser Pegs provides a multitude of shapes that allow children to begin putting together structures that can resemble anything from a building to an insect. Flexibility is the key to conceiving and creating limitless vistas of organic life forms and new, improved man-made vehicles, buildings, and tools. A building set is a great resource for prototyping new inventions as well as developing crazy shapes and games.

For the Sports Nut in Your Family

Is your child wild about football or baseball? Laser Pegs offers specialized building sets for Major League Baseball. If they’re into baseball, watch them channel their inner coach while building a stadium, players with their favorite MLB decals, or making up their own special team.

For the High Tech Engineer

Laser Pegs building sets make great gifts for the technogeek. Whether building a vehicle or a robot, hours of fun are available with specialized kits. For added creativity, let them mix and match to create something really out of the ordinary.

Maybe your child will build a better Osprey. He or she can use elements of different kits to create the plane that acts like a helicopter. Ground based vehicles can be created in the forms of race cars and tanks. Or your little engineer could combine it all into a fabulous robot.

For the Budding Biologist

Encourage a love of science. With Laser Pegs building sets your little scientists can put together colorful marine animals, insects, birds, and specialized vehicles. Then they can let their imaginations take them under the surface of the ocean, into the desert, or up to the clouds. They can study the relationship between predator and prey. Developing a love of science early helps students maintain their interest into the later school years where the course become more challenging and more satisfying.

For the Next Spielberg or Tolkien

Do your kids dream of trolls or star ships? Do they battle with swords or float about as if weightless? Has your living room ever been turned into a realm of flying dragons or flying cars? Laser Pegs can help them create these worlds.

So many of today’s hit movies and favorite books are about myths and magic that it’s no wonder children imagine games involving these concepts. Laser Pegs allows them to populate their worlds with toys that can be re purposed as needed. With such a variety colors they can build lighted shapes that bring their games to life.

Video games are fun and movies can be exciting. But the best games and toys are created within a child’s imagination. Building kits for kids allows them to develop both mental and physical skills that will translate into success in school and career.