Timeless Toys Kids and Adults Will Love

Once you hit the age of oh, say, 25 years old, people start expecting you to be mature, sophisticated, and mellowed out from your previous wild and crazy youthful years. Let’s be real- that doesn’t always happen! Plenty of adults, parents included, still feel young at heart. To reach that childlike nature still living inside all you adults out there, here’s a list of toys that kids and adults alike will love.

You can’t go wrong with any type of building block sets– be it Legos, the old fashioned wooden kind, or the more modern type with LED lights placed inside them. Building blocks can be played with even the youngest of children, and even moody tweens can’t help but to join in every once in a while. They help build your child’s creativity and imagination, as well as provide some good nostalgic fun on your end.

Books are a timeless classic that can connect an entire family. Classics like Goodnight Moon, Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Goosebumps, and The Babysitter’s Club can be read aloud and enjoyed by family members of all ages. For little ones just learning to read, this can be especially exciting. Not to mention, reading helps to blossom a child’s imagination and creativity, which will help bring about many other adventures for you and your child as they get older.

Anything with wheels or a remote control appeals to boys, girls, teenagers, and parents alike. Whether it is construction toys for children, kids building robots, racecars, airplanes, or helicopters, these types of toys encourage a healthy amount of competition between siblings or parents. For those especially enthusiastic racers, they help to show the importance of being a good loser as well.

Laser pegs may look exclusively child friendly, but that’s definitely not the case. Kids might be more attracted to the physical version of Laser Pegs sets, but both adults and kids will love the free Laser Pegs iPad app. It’s based off actual Laser Pegs toys, but kids and adults of all ages will get great usage out of it. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone who loves to build and create things.

This brings us to the iPad itself. It’s certainly not a classic toy that most everyone grew up with. But with its endless amount of information, games, and educational applications, it’s something that parents and kids will agree on. With the iPad, kids as young as two are using it to develop all sorts of useful skills, from math to reading to expressing emotions. When parents become involved, it ultimately makes families feel more united, which makes everyone happy.

There are endless options out there for parents and kids to let down their hair and simply play together. It’s important for kids to remember that parents can be silly too. Parents can also benefit from playing with their children as a stress reliever, or using it as a covert way to educate their children at the same time. If you’re interested in even more toys you can use for playtime, check out the Laser Pegs website today.