Top Five Fun Things You Can Do On The Laser Pegs Network

Bring your Laser Pegs experience to the next level with the Laser Pegs Network.


Laser Pegs are great toy sets that offer hours of creativity, learning and fun for anyone who wants to design a unique, light up creation. Whether you enjoy following along with one of our fan favorite toy kits, such as the Helicopter or the Indy Car, or you prefer to design your very own light up creation, Laser Pegs are a fun way to be creative, and also improve your fine motor skills, all from your very own living room.

However, unlike other toys, Laser Pegs are more than just a one-on-one toy that you can only play with in person. Laser Pegs also come along with a great online network for kids to share their exciting designs and creations, interact with other children who are interested in Laser Pegs, and even grow their design and building knowledge with access to tutorials, print directions and instructional videos.

To give you a better idea of all of the fun, interactive things that you can do on the Laser Pegs Network, we have put together a list of five features on the Laser Pegs Network that will bring your Laser Pegs experience to the next level:

1. Share Photos

Once you have finished putting together your Laser Pegs masterpiece at home, why not show off all of your hard work in the Laser Pegs Network photo gallery? Our gallery showcases some of the most fun and creative Laser Pegs creations from kids all across the country. You can also view, like and comment on other people’s photos within the Laser Pegs network, as well as ask the builder for help on how to recreate their amazing design.

2. Get On The Leaderboard

The Laser Pegs Network is all about interacting with other members and sharing fun, creative content about your favorite kits and accessories. Therefore, to showcase the network members who are interacting most on the site, we have created the Laser Pegs Leaderboard. This page allows you to see the top five contributors in the sections of content, photos, videos and more. Why should you want to make the leaderboard? Sharing your creativity on the Laser Pegs Network can earn you fun prizes!

3. Watch Videos

The video section on the Laser Pegs network lets members view videos from the Laser Pegs YouTube channel, which often feature exciting new product announcements, kit reviews and more. However, that’s not all! The video section is also full of Laser Pegs home videos created by other members, and it also gives you the opportunity to upload your own fun videos showing off your creativity and hard work.

4. Upload Blogs

Do you have a fun story behind one of your Laser Pegs creations? Our blog page lets users write about their unique stories and experiences with Laser Pegs, then share it so the rest of the community can read all about it. We here at Laser Pegs also use the blog page to announce fun contests, giveaways and social media parties that we will be hosting throughout the year, so make sure you check back in to make sure you do not miss any exciting news!

5. Read The Forums

If you have ever had any kind of question about Laser Pegs, or want feedback from other creators about a certain kit or model that you are building, then the Laser Pegs Forums are for you. This section of the Laser Pegs Network is a great resource for asking questions, educating yourself about certain kits and designs, and even learning more about the other uses on the site, outside of their interest in Laser Pegs.

Still looking for more? These five features are just a few of the fun, interactive activities that you will find on the Laser Pegs Network. To learn more about this great site and join a fun, creative community full of Laser Pegs enthusiasts, sign up for the Laser Pegs Network today!