Top Toy Trends: Light Up Activities Are A Big Hit For 2013

Light up toys are predicted to be one of the biggest trends this upcoming year.

There is no shortage of fun, exciting toys available for children in this day and age. Toys that fly, toys that can be controlled by remote, even toys that you can drive! Whether your children are teens, toddlers or infants, the amount of toys currently available to them to help encourage growth, learning and fun is limitless. However, despite the large number of options, there are still certain activities and toys that stand out above the rest.

This past December, Toys R Us announced the four biggest toy trends of the moment. Not only were these the types of toys that were flying off the shelves this past holiday season, but were sure to keep kids entertained all throughout the upcoming year. After lots of research, the four biggest toy trends for 2013 were unveiled: kid-friendly tablets, playthings rediscovered from classic 80s trends, toys based on kids favorite characters and activities that offer fun, light-up features.

“After reviewing the thousands of new toy introductions in our stores worldwide and analyzing data gathered by our team of merchants, we’re pleased to share our unique insights into the toy themes that will excite and delight kids this holiday season,” said Lisa Harnisch, the Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager for Toys R Us.

Harnisch also stated that it was not surprising that technology had such a big influence on the current trendy toys, which included electronic toys with light up features. These types of toys, such as the popular 3D Light Board by Laser Pegs, are sure to turn up the wattage on traditional children’s toys and light up kid’s faces in more ways than one.

Laser Pegs national award winning toy construction set is also the first  in the world where each piece feeds the next piece through low voltage current. Through our unique design, you can design and create any lighted abstract model. Once one Laser Peg is connected to a power source it then illuminates any other peg it is connected with, making this a very creative construction toy set.

Our Laser Pegs kits are also created with the highest quality of LED light, so the lights will run for about 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to keeping them illuminated non-stop for 11 years. Therefore, each Laser Pegs piece has a very long life expectancy.

Many parents may also find the joy and excitement of our light up Laser Pegs kits similar to a older toy that gave them so many hours of play when they were kids―Lite-Brite. This is also fitting with making Laser Pegs one of the top toys of the year, in addition to offering exciting, light-up features.

“This year we’re also seeing a strong statement of traditional toys that inspire imaginative play and curiosity among kids and nostalgia among parents,” said Lisa Harnisch.

To learn more about Laser Pegs or to purchase your very own light up kit to kick off a fun year of play in 2013, be sure to visit our Laser Pegs shop today!


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