Trendy Mom Reviews Laser Pegs National Geographic Space Set

Trendy Mom Reviews

Hours of Fun with the Trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set

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This month, we are going to feature trendy toys and activities that help to make summer break more exciting. We are going to start with our favorite toy so far – the trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set! My son is going to attend a NASA Space Camp later this summer, so I knew that he would love this set.

We think that this set is one of the best toys for summer vacation because it is an extremely engaging set that can entertain for hours. It allows children to use their imaginations, practice following instructions, and learn about space. The designers of this set put a lot of thought into this product. There are 24 different models that children can build with the pieces. There are also infinite possibilities of designs that children can invent on their own.


Personally, my son jumped up and down when he saw the box. He couldn’t wait to tear the box open so that he could start building. The first thing that he created was the trendy astronaut. I was amazed how focused he was on following the instructions. I was also amazed at how quiet he was as he played for hours with this set. The 24 different designs will keep children busy for a very long time, so we feel like this toy is a really good deal considering how much our son plays with it. We also like the educational aspect of it because our son asks questions about the different models. The models inspired him to learn more about space.

The National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set is first Trendy Toy Pick for Summer Vacation. It is educational and fun!

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