Ways to Maximize Creative Playtime

The holidays can be sensor overload for moms and dads especially after it’s all over and done. From the empty boxes, wrapping paper and already forgotten toys laying around, we all need a little reordering of our lives.

This also applies to boys and girls birthdays, Easter holidays and everyday life. When we notice that our children are not playing with many of their toys, then it is time remind them of what they are missing out on. Implementing these three steps will help children be able to play with all of their construction toys and many others they own.

Organize Toys:

A great place to start in maximizing playtime is to create an organization system for toys, games, and art supplies. Putting like objects together gives children the ability to clean up more efficiently. This will also allow children to see more clearly the toys they own. Use some of these ideas to get organized:

  • Shoe organizer- Use an over the door shoe organizer to group together art supplies, small toys, or Laser Pegs building sets.
  • Storage Bins- Buy several plastic or fabric bins that are about the same size. Print out pictures with words of the types of toys each bin should hold. This helps non-readers clean up and build vocabulary.
  • Drawers- Use desk drawers to hold puzzles, crafts from school, educational toys, or books.

Rotate Toys:

Especially for smaller children, establishing a rotation for toys will enhance playtime. Children easily get bored by toys, no matter how fun or cool they are. Putting away toys that a child hasn’t played with in a while and stashing it away in a closet will cause them to look towards other toys for fun and imaginative play.

After a few weeks pass, bring the puzzles, building block sets, and other light up toys you took out. Your child will immediately be drawn to the toys that were separated. Once you bring out the toys that were previously hidden, take away some of the toys you’ve noticed the child neglecting and set them aside for another day.

Sort Toys:

Once a week, ask your children to sort through their toys. Ask them to separate out broken items and toys they no longer want. They should also look through each bin, drawer, and box to find toys that have become mixed up in the wrong location. While the child is cleaning up and sorting, they will be reminded of all the toys they have. You might notice that they stop cleaning to play with their new-found toys.

Now that the holidays are over, put into place these practices. Find places for all the new unique and educational toys to be stored. Hide away some of the old toys that your child has become disinterested in. Each week, have your child sort through and clean up. These tips will keep your child busy for hours with creative play.