Wednesday Night Is Now Laser Pegs Family Game Night

Enjoy a night in with your family and Laser Pegs every Wednesday evening.

Sometimes life can get a little too hectic for us to handle―our jobs becoming overwhelming and keep us busy during the week, our weekends are spent catching up on chores and running errands, and any free time that we have as a family is typically spent helping with homework or running from sports practice to school clubs. Unfortunately, this type of grueling schedule not leave a whole lot of time for family get-togethers  or good old fashion family game night.

Setting aside specific times throughout your week to laugh and catch up as a family is not only important for your entire family dynamic, but there are also many other benefits that come from weekly family time.  For example, when you spend regular time together, you learn to communicate more effectively with one another and learn things that you simply are not able to learn when passing each other in the hallway or on a quick drive to soccer practice.

Also, when you regularly schedule time together as a family, children learn to rely on the strength of family bonds and often reflect them in other aspects of their life. Taking time out away from computers, television and cell phones also helps to keep your family energized and decreases the chances of developing depression, anxiety and more.

In addition to the benefits that these family nights can have for yourself and your family, there are also many learning benefits that come with family get-togethers. For instance, if your family evenings involve some of activity or puzzle―such as putting together one of our Laser Pegs kits―you are learning new things as a family. Your kids are learning positive reinforcement and hand eye coordination, and as parents you are getting a firsthand look and how your children learn and express themselves best in puzzle situations.

Because of all of the benefits that come with nights spent with your family, Laser Pegs is bringing back family game nights with our own Family LP Night every Wednesday. Each week, we encourage families to get out their Laser Pegs kits and put on their creative hats to come up with the most creative Laser Pegs models that you can think of.

Once you are finished creating your Laser Pegs masterpiece as a family, take a picture of your finished product with your family and upload them onto our Laser Pegs Network. If your family impresses us with your creation, you could even win a prize!

If you and your family will be participating in Family Laser Pegs Night each Wednesday evening, be sure to RSVP on our Laser Pegs Network. Also be sure to keep an eye out for photos of past game night Laser Pegs creations from other families all across the country. Don’t forget to upload your own photos or videos to be eligible for great prizes!