Why You Should Make Time for Creative Activities with Your Kids

If your family is like many families out there, you probably juggle multiple schedules between work, school, sports and other extracurricular activities. Busy schedules can make it difficult for some families to even sit down at the dinner table together on a regular basis.  It is important, though, to find time to spend together as a family, and working on creative activities can help bring you closer together.

More Than Sewing and Crafts

Being creative doesn’t always have to mean crafty either – so you’re not off the hook dads! Along with traditional craft projects – there are plenty of fun, creative things families can work on together. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Find a construction toy or model kit that you want to build. Light up toys like our Laser Pegs® kits are a great option – and we offer many different kits to choose from – just check out our online toy store! You could also build a model airplane, ship or vehicle together.
  • Cook or bake up a storm! If you like to spend time in the kitchen or outdoors at the grill, include your kids in recipe planning and execution. They’ll learn what it takes to turn ingredients into a delicious meal or treat.
  • Spend time in your wood shop if you have one. Teaching kids how to handle tools safely and the planning and skills that it takes to build a table, dresser or the like is an experience they can use throughout their lives.
  • Teach kids how to fix things. This is also a great way to get help with chores, but teaching your son or daughter how to be handy around your home or change the oil in a car is something they will thank you for later.

Benefits to Creative Activities Abound

Finding creative activities to share that you all enjoy is one great reason to undertake them, but that’s not the only one. There are many benefits to incorporating creative activities into your family’s routine.

  • Bonding. Working together on a project means you’re spending time together and it reinforces bonding with your kids, which can help children feel more confident and secure.
  • Common Interests. You can also find out what interests you have in common, which can lead to coming up with great ideas for similar activities in the future.
  • Stay Focused. Kids can learn how to follow instructions and stay focused, which can be beneficial to children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Check out one of our earlier posts on this topic.
  • Homework Help. It could give you an opportunity to teach them more about their current school topics in a fun way. If they’re studying geography – cook an Italian meal together. Or if architecture is the topic, you could create an Eiffel Tower out of macaroni or building toy pieces.
  • Self Sufficiency. There are also numerous opportunities for teaching your kids to help themselves. Whether they learn how to use tools or a kitchen knife safely or get satisfaction from helping you fix a leaky faucet, creative activities can give kids a wealth of knowledge that they can use later in life.

At Laser Pegs® we love creating cool light up toys that kids love. It’s even better when their parents can enjoy our unique construction sets right along with them.