Zippy Do Offers Hours of Inventive Fun

Hey there kids! It’s time for you to get creative with Zippy Do®. These light up construction sets are really cool toys. Zippy Do® sets come with three different designs that you can put together. You can also add some of your own blocks to these light up blocks for even more fun. Laser Pegs® bring you the best toys that you can build all by yourself. You will have a great time playing with toys that you made yourself.

The basic car design has a sporty looking back end design. You can put your favorite action figure on the top and ride him around in style. The box the car comes in turns into a ramp that the car can slide down. Race your car across the kitchen floor and see how far it can make it. Change up the tail design to a hatchback look by adding a sloped block. Or swap out the window with a long flat block to make it look more like a truck.

The helicopter has easy to follow instructions. Build your light up rescue helicopter and fly it around. You can pretending to rescue stranded army guys from hard to reach places. Tie a rope from the bottom of the helicopter for the lost soldier to hang on. What a great rescue mission you will have.

Use this construction set to build an airplane. These light up blocks will light up the night sky and help you navigate your passengers home safely. Don’t forget to radio the home tower for safe landing instructions.

Have Fun:
Be sure to invite your friends over to play with the best toys for kids. You can show them all the fun you can have with Laser Pegs® you sets. Don’t forget to turn out the light and let them see how your cool toy lights up the room. With all of these sets you’ll be able to easily follow the instructions or get creative and make your own design. Be sure to ask your mom or dad if you can take a picture of the great adventures that you have with your Zippy Do® construction set. Then you can ask them to go on our site and upload the pictures. We want to see all the fun things you can do with Laser Pegs®.