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Spider & Scorpion 2 PackSpider & Scorpion 2 Pack


Spider & Scorpion 2 Pack

MultiModel  Spider & Scorpion Duo   These creatures are so real, you may want to climb up on the kitchen table with a rolled-up newspaper. But don’t worry, these “Creepy Cute”...

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Hornet & Grasshopper 2 PackHornet & Grasshopper 2 Pack


Hornet & Grasshopper 2 Pack

MultiModel  Hornet & Grasshopper Duo  Most kids like creepy crawlies. Most parents don’t. That’s why we’ve created these “Creepy Cute” Hornet & Grasshopper light-up MultiModel sets from Laser Pegs! Now kids and parents...

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4-in-1 MicroHawk4-in-1 MicroHawk


4-in-1 MicroHawk

MultiModel  4-in-1 MicroHawk  Your galactic adventure awaits with the ultimate 4-in-1 MicroHawk light-up MultiModel set from Laser Pegs. No planet is too far. No meteor field too big. And no alien invasion too scary to take on these mighty...

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5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk


5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk

MultiModel  5-in-1 VTOL SparHawk  It’s time to fly! But which super cool helicopter or supersonic jet should you take? Decisions, decisions! How about, take them all! The 5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk light-up MultiModel set...

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Vehicle 2 PackVehicle 2 Pack


Vehicle 2 Pack

MicroSparks Vehicle 2 Pack Looking for action? Looking for adventure? Only have a few minutes to cram it all in? Then the Laser Pegs MicroSparks series is the perfect toy...

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Creature Pack

Hey, there animal-lovers! The Laser Pegs Creature Pack is the ideal setting for those who want to tap into the animal kingdom! Create an army of critters with 5 of our coolest creature builds and unique light-up bricks!

Includes: Spider & Scorpion 2 Pack + Hornet & Grasshopper + Creature Blind Bag. Use code BUNDLE15 to save 15%

Flight of Fancy Pack

Prepare for lift-off with the Laser Pegs Flight of Fancy set! Take your imagination into the stratosphere and blast off with 10 different builds. You’ll be glowing brighter than the stars with these light-up bricks!

Includes: 5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk + 4-in-1 MicroHawk + Vehicle Blind Bag (Assorted). Use code BUNDLE15 to save 15%.

Vehicle Pack

Whether it’s by land, air, or sea - the Laser Pegs Vehicles Pack has got you riding in style! You’ll be faster than the speed of light with these BRIGHT light-up brick builds!

Includes: 4-in-1 MicroHawk + 4-in-1 Mini Construction + Vehicle 2 Pack + Vehicle Blind Bag (Assorted). Use code BUNDLE15 to save 15%