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4-in-1 Mini Construction4-in-1 Mini Construction

4-in-1 Mini Construction

MultiModel 4-in-1 Mini Construction Dig, scrape, lift or dig some more with the ultra-versatile 4-in-1 Mini Construction light-up Laser Pegs MultiModel set. They may be mini, but they are mighty...

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Hornet & Grasshopper 2 PackHornet & Grasshopper 2 Pack

Hornet & Grasshopper 2 Pack

MultiModel¬† Hornet & Grasshopper Duo¬† Most kids like creepy crawlies. Most parents don‚Äôt. That‚Äôs why we‚Äôve created these ‚ÄúCreepy Cute‚ÄĚ Hornet & Grasshopper¬†light-up¬†MultiModel¬†sets from Laser Pegs! Now kids and parents...

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Iron OctopodIron Octopod

Iron Octopod

Explorers, Inc.  The Iron Octopod  Meet the Beast of the Sea: The Iron Octopod! This 8-legged deep-sea exploring capsule will take you on a whole new adventure to discover amazing worlds and uncover lost secrets of the deepest oceans. There's...
4-in-1 MicroHawk4-in-1 MicroHawk

4-in-1 MicroHawk

MultiModel  4-in-1 MicroHawk  Your galactic adventure awaits with the ultimate 4-in-1 MicroHawk light-up MultiModel set from Laser Pegs. No planet is too far. No meteor field too big. And no alien invasion too scary to take on these mighty...

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Vehicle 2 PackVehicle 2 Pack

Vehicle 2 Pack

MicroSparks Vehicle 2 Pack Looking for action? Looking for adventure? Only have a few minutes to cram it all in? Then the Laser Pegs MicroSparks series is the perfect toy...

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5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk

5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk

MultiModel  5-in-1 VTOL SparHawk  It’s time to fly! But which super cool helicopter or supersonic jet should you take? Decisions, decisions! How about, take them all! The 5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk light-up MultiModel set...

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Spider & Scorpion 2 PackSpider & Scorpion 2 Pack

Spider & Scorpion 2 Pack

MultiModel¬† Spider & Scorpion Duo¬†¬† These creatures are so real, you may want to climb up on the kitchen table with a rolled-up newspaper. But don‚Äôt worry, these ‚ÄúCreepy Cute‚ÄĚ...

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3-in-1 F35 Jet3-in-1 F35 Jet

3-in-1 F35 Jet

MultiModel  3-in-1 F35 Jet  We get it. You need to get somewhere and get there fast. We’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve created the 3-in-1 F35 jet, the most advanced machine to ever hit the skies. This...
4-in-1 Tiger4-in-1 Tiger

4-in-1 Tiger

MultiModel  4-in-1 Tiger  The jungle is filled with creatures big and small. And now, thanks to this 4-in-1 MultiModel set, you can build four of them: The Tiger, The Parrot, The Tree Frog, or The Red Panda. Whether...

4-in-1 Red Racer

MultiModel¬† 4-in-1¬†Red Racer¬† When it comes to muscle, this car didn‚Äôt skip legs day ‚Äď it embraced it. Welcome to the muscle car era with the 4-in-1 Red Racer light-up¬†MultiModel¬†set...

5-in-1 Mech Attack

MultiModel  5-in-1 Mech Attack Suit  It’s time for battle! And the 5-in-1 Mech Attack suit is the perfect machine to protect your base, fend off aliens, or open a really tough jar of pickles. This...

4-in-1 Hammerhead

MultiModel  4-in-1 Hammerhead   We hit the nail on its head with this one. Get it? It’s a Hammerhead shark. Nail. Shark. Oh well. We were pressed for a solid pun....


Explorers, Inc.  The Albatross Copter  To discover what lies below, you'll need eyes from the sky! Good thing you have your trusty copter, The Albatross to search out and light up the sky. Spot...


Explorers, Inc.  Smedley The Sea Turtle  Every adventurer needs a friend and Explorers, Inc. has Smedley the Sea Turtle. Part machine, part sea turtle, and all fearsome cuteness, Smedley is here to help. Injured during...
The JaegerThe Jaeger

The Jaeger

Explorers, Inc.  The Jaeger Ship  Need to defend your fort from pirates? Or fend off giant sea monster? Then look no further than the trusty Jaeger! This small yet mighty ship can handle...
Giant Seahorse RoundupGiant Seahorse Roundup

Giant Seahorse Roundup

Explorers, Inc.  The Giant Seahorse Roundup  Adventure has never been more fun and exciting when you catch a ride on the back of the Giant Seahorse Roundup. Now, you have a...


Explorers, Inc.  The Leviathan Sea Dragon  Deep down on the ocean floor lies creatures galore! But none compare to the greatest beast yet: The Leviathan Sea Dragon.  A predator and defender of the sea, The Leviathan can be...

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Creature Pack

Hey, there animal-lovers! The Laser Pegs Creature Pack is the ideal setting for those who want to tap into the animal kingdom! Create an army of critters with 5 of our coolest creature builds and unique light-up bricks!

Includes: Spider & Scorpion 2 Pack + Hornet & Grasshopper + Creature Blind Bag

Flight of Fancy Pack

Prepare for lift-off with the Laser Pegs Flight of Fancy set! Take your imagination into the stratosphere and blast off with 10 different builds. You’ll be glowing brighter than the stars with these light-up bricks!

Includes: 5-in-1 VTOL Sparhawk + 4-in-1 MicroHawk + Vehicle Blind Bag (Assorted)

Vehicle Pack

Whether it’s by land, air, or sea - the Laser Pegs Vehicles Pack has got you riding in style! You’ll be faster than the speed of light with these BRIGHT light-up brick builds!

Includes: 4-in-1 MicroHawk + 4-in-1 Mini Construction + Vehicle 2 Pack + Vehicle Blind Bag (Assorted)