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About Us

It’s building time! What will it be? Magical beasts, street racers, or the fastest ship in the galaxy. But just because you’ve placed that last brick, there’s still more to create. With Laser Pegs light-up building sets, there’s always more to create. Light up your world with the magic of Laser Pegs, the original light-up toy construction company. With Laser Pegs, it’s not just about building and displaying your amazing creations, it’s about discovering new ways of playing!

Inspiring creativity and innovation, each light-up collection offers a unique building experience that ignites a world of luminous fun, adventure, and imagination. With Laser Pegs, you’re not just building a model, you’re building a story waiting to be told.

Founded on the idea that playtime is about lighting up a kids’ world, Laser Pegs light-up technology brings buildable models to life. Compatible with other leading brick brands, Laser Pegs light-up brick technology delivers a unique and fun way to create and play. From quick-build blind bags to multi-build construction sets that allows you to build and rebuild endlessly, Laser Pegs puts imagination back into the builders’ hands and allows them to discover new worlds, explore far-off lands, and create amazing creatures.

So, grab your bricks, start building, and bring your imagination to light! Welcome to Laser Pegs.

Brick by brick, Laser Pegs has been encouraging building brightly since 2009. Proudly owned by Never Wrong Toys.

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