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5.00 out of 5

If you're looking for the ultimate value in Laser Pegs, the 57 in 1 Dragon kit is your answer! Pick from an incredible assortment of models to build including the Sea Monster, Moon Capsule, Giant Robot, Rhino, and many others.

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Dragon – 57 Models in 1

If you’re looking for the ultimate value in Laser Pegs®, the 57 in 1 Dragon kit is your answer! Pick from an incredible assortment of models to build including the Sea Monster, Moon Capsule, Giant Robot, Rhino, and many others. Light up your creations anywhere you go with the 3D Lite Board power base that doubles as an exclusive Laser Pegs® storage bin! With this kit the possibilities are truly endless!


  • 35 Laser Pegs®
  • 225 Construction Parts
  • 3D Lite Board®
  • Instruction Manual

Building Instructions

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 220 Mb
A 10 Thunderbolt pdf – 2.8 mb
Airboat pdf – 2.8 mb
Attack Chopper pdf – 2.8 mb
ATV pdf – 2.8 mb
AWAX pdf – 2.8 mb
Baby Crocodile pdf – 2.8 mb
Baby Dragon pdf – 2.8 mb
Baby Elephant pdf – 2.8 mb
Bunny pdf – 2.8 mb
Cat pdf – 2.8 mb
Catamaran pdf – 2.8 mb
Chinese Junk pdf – 2.8 mb
Cocker Spaniel pdf – 2.8 mb
Cow pdf – 2.8 mb
Deer pdf – 2.8 mb
Dinosaur pdf – 2.8 mb
Dragon pdf – 2.8 mb
Dragonfly pdf – 2.8 mb
Dune Buggy pdf – 2.8 mb
F 15 Eagle pdf – 2.8 mb
Fairy pdf – 2.8 mb
Fancy Table pdf – 2.8 mb
Frog Prince pdf – 2.8 mb
Galactic Guardian pdf – 2.8 mb
Giant Robot pdf – 2.8 mb
Hang Glider pdf – 2.8 mb
Helper Bot pdf – 2.8 mb
Hydroplane pdf – 2.8 mb
M1 Abrams pdf – 2.8 mb
Manta Ray pdf – 2.8 mb
Mars Helper Bot pdf – 2.8 mb
Mermaid pdf – 2.8 mb
Merman pdf – 2.8 mb
Moon Rover pdf – 2.8 mb
Motor boat pdf – 2.8 mb
P51 Mustang pdf – 2.8 mb
Patrol Truck pdf – 2.8 mb
Plant pdf – 2.8 mb
Rhino pdf – 2.8 mb
Satellite pdf – 2.8 mb
Sea Horse pdf – 2.8 mb
Sea Monster pdf – 2.8 mb
Shark pdf – 2.8 mb
Shark Reef pdf – 2.8 mb
Shuttle Gantry pdf – 2.8 mb
Shuttle Satellite pdf – 2.8 mb
Silverback Gorilla pdf – 2.8 mb
Sitting Duck pdf – 2.8 mb
Moon Capsule pdf – 2.8 mb
SR 71 pdf – 2.8 mb
Stealth Fighter pdf – 2.8 mb
Temple Door pdf – 2.8 mb
Tower pdf – 2.8 mb
Tulip pdf – 2.8 mb
Windmill pdf – 2.8 mb
Wolf pdf – 2.8 mb
WWI Biplane pdf – 2.8 mb

Additional Information
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 4.5 x 14 in

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dragon

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought this kit for my Niece for her birthday in July. Jasmin absolutely loves the laser pegs! She’s always tinkering around with her legos, so when I saw this and I knew she would love it since it lights up too!
    Both the laser pegs and legos snap to one another, so that’s a major bonus. They say on the box, “works with any block”, but I didn’t realize that meant you can stack legos on this and these onto legos… That’s awesome! This kit brings a whole new level to the lego type toys.
    What we didn’t know right away was the top of the container, I guess it’s called the light board, well, that thing can be hung on a wall, like a picture frame. You can hang it portrait or landscape, there are holes in the back specifically for that.
    Think about it. Ever evolving, changing ARTWORK! To me, that was very cool, since the batteries go in the top part. We haven’t hung it up yet, but I am sure we will soon! She loves building different stuff on it. Every day, there is a new creation waiting for me when I get home.
    I highly recommend this set for any child that plays with legos, megablocks, etc. The laser pegs are very cool and add a new dimension to the traditional blocks I grew up with. Very cool indeed!

  2. 5 out of 5


    We really enjoy the laser pegs kits. Our kids, (Tom is 12 and Lianna is 10) , both really love these kits! They play together, don’t fight and just build their little hearts out! Great products, great company, awesome designs!

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